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This is an amateur site created by garden bird enthusiasts and all the content used here is our own. The purpose of the site is to share an interest in garden birds and perhaps help others to appreciate their garden visitors. For people starting an interest in birding or for those with a casual interest, identification of your garden birds may be a problem that I hope that this site can help you deal with.

Most of the images shown on these pages were taken in a suburban back garden with a few taken in the wider locality. All of the birds here you could expect to see in or from a typical garden and include the most common species, but of course not all.

For those interested in photography, the camera used in most instances is a Canon 60D SLR with some of the older images taken with a Canon 350D and some of the newer ones with a Canon 5D mk3. The lens combination is usually a Sigma 300mm f2.8 lens with a 1.4x multiplier.

Most of the pages here include some advertising. This doesn't make this a commercial site, but it does help pay for the costs of hosting and running a site such as this.

All the images on this site are our copyright and are covered by a Creative Commons copyright license. This means that the terms of re-use are that you are free to re-use the images if you wish provided that it's not for commercial use and as long as you give a photo credit back to this site for any image used. If you have any questions about photo re-use or wish to request permission for a commercial use you may contact us through the contact link below.

All the linked videos are also ours and are hosted on our YouTube channel

If you wish to contact us you can e-mail us through the following link: Contact